June 21st from Fr. Howard

(due to there being no internet connection yet, Fr. Howard is forced to post by cell phone)

It is 6:30 am on Thursday, June 20 here at The Sportsview Hotel, which is a mile from the national soccer stadium and about 20km from the city. The weather is a very pleasant 50 degrees at night and 70 during the day. This is their winter, and the Kenyans have their puffy jackets on! “Are you cold?” one concerned hotel worker asked one of us in shorts. “No!” said Wilson, “this is great!” Some of the ladies at the airport had on fur lined jackets

Not so once we left the city. The drive from the airport was sobering for these young adults. Dirt streets lined with many men with nothing to do Women foraging in the trash. Kids walking alone. The povetry is a cold slap in the face for most of our group.

After a meal of ugali (starchy, potatoes ball), rice and ox tail, we all talked last night about that drive in. We shared our concerns on this trip. Mostly they stemmed from a fear of the unknown and of meeting new people. A very healthy response to a situation that demands personal growth. Already I see change and new strength in these fine young adults!

Today is our first day in the field. there is still no Internet. It may be that I post by text for most of this trip. I already have 2 videos that I’d love to share. No matter- onward and upward- more news soon!