So You Want To Get Married!

We are happy for this new season of your life, and that you might want to share it with us!  To that end, please answer these questions:

-Are you a member of Christ Church?  If yes, then view the planning documents on this page and follow the instructions. Please send your information to . All members in good standing or family members of members may be married at Christ Church.

-If you are not a member of Christ Church, or a family member of a member of Christ Church, then what is your connection to the church?  If you are an Episcopalian, please state in your inquiry email the name and location of your home church. Send your inquiry to

If you are not an Episcopalian and have no connection to Christ Church, please state that in your inquiry.  Please note that the fee for those with no connection to the church is $2500.

Thank you for your interest in Christ Church!

Documents to review for wedding planning:

  1. Planning for Holy Matrimony – Please note the fee schedule on page 6.
  2. Wedding Information Sheet
    This document must be filled out as soon as possible and returned to:
    Christ Episcopal Church, 1430 N Mound St, Nacogdoches, Texas, 79561
  3. The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage
    This is a copy of the service as it is found in the Book of Common Prayer. It can be modified to some degree.
  4. At the Celebration of a Marriage
    On page 4 of the “Wedding Information Sheet” you are asked to select the readings that you would like to use at your wedding. This document contains the text of each possible choice.)
  5. Declaration of Intention
    Read this document, but do not fill it out or sign it until the Rector discusses it with you.

If you have not done so already, please make an appointment to meet with the Rector of Christ Church.